Sunset at Sounion

The second collection for Akaterina comes in time for Summer 2019. Named ‘Sunset at Sounion’ this collection embodies mystery, myth and awe. It’s a sense of summer with an ode to the ancient world and a place nurtured in me. It’s a feeling of discovery, the wonder of nature, civilisations unimagined, and the vast horizon that lays before us. Named after the site where the Temple of Poseidon sits gazing across the deep blue Aegean on the Cape of Sounion, it is a place of deity designed to revere the sun sinking into the sea, with uninterrupted splendour. It’s a place steeped in elegance, strength and incredulity. Romantic, refined, gratifying, freeing, salty and pine scented, on the edge of Attica. It’s summer like you’ve never known it.

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